Popular Female Duo Comedian Group: Nihon Elekitel Rengou - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Female Duo Comedian Group: Nihon Elekitel Rengou

Elekitel Rengou is gaining popularity, especially among Japanese children. Elekitel Rengou is a comedic group formed by two female comedians and was founded in 2008. They do weird, slightly creepy, insane skits that leave a lasting and sometimes traumatic impression! One of their popular skits is called “Talkative (Robot) Wife Series – Widow Akemi NO 3”. The story is about a middle aged man, Mr. Hosokai, who flirts with the widow robot, Akemi. The repetitive lines in the skit are Mr. Hosokai saying “Iijya naino~”(It’s not a big deal) and his robot Akemi responding “Dameyo~ Dame! Dame!”(No~, I can’t do that.) Young kids love to mimic these lines, which makes their parents go a little crazy. The kids in Japan have now started to use these lines when they are scolded by their parents or when they try to persuade them.
Elekitel Rengou have started to show up on many TV shows now. They also made Ringtones and Stamps for the App “LINE”. These ringtones and stamps are tremendously popular and have been downloaded many times!



Nihon Elekitel Rengou Dance Version



>> Nihon Elekitel Rengou Youtube Channel

>> Nihon Elekitel Rengou Stamps for LINE App

>> Nihon Elekitel Rengou Profile site

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