Popular Female J-Pop, Death Metal Trio : BABYMETAL - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Female J-Pop, Death Metal Trio : BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL was formed, with three girls, as a Metal Dance Unit in 2010.  The main vocalist is 16 and the two screamers are just 14 years old.  BABYMETAL songs are a mix of cute J-Pop Idol music and Death Metal.  It is hard to imagine that these two totally different kinds of music can actually be played together.  However, the gap between these types of music creates a uniqueness that pairs well with the cute BABYMETAL girl image.  The trio will have concert at the famed Nippon Budohkan in March.  BABYMETAL also just released their first album which had their many fans lined up to purchase.


BABYMETAL – ギミチョコ!! (Give me Chocolate)- Live Music Video

BABYMETAL – メギツネ – MEGITSUNE (Full ver.)

babymetal fans lined up for cd

>> BABYMETAL Youtube Channel

>> BABYMETAL Official Site

>> BABYMETAL Twitter

>> BABYMETAL Facebook

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