Popular Food : Haagen Dazs x Mochi : Hanamochi Series

Popular Food : Haagen Dazs x Mochi : Hanamochi Series

Haagen Dazs just released a new series “Hanamochi” on the 24th of February. The interesting thing about Hanamochi is that it has “Mochi” (sticky mochi rice cake) in the ice-cream! They created two flavours, “Kinako Kuromitsu” and “Mitarashi Kurumi”. “Kinako Kuromitsu” is roasted soybean flour and a Japanese sugar syrup. “Mitarashi Kurumi” is a sweet soy sauce glaze with walnuts. Haagen Dazs announced that they will temporarily stop the sale of these flavors because demand for this new ice cream series has greatly exceeded their projected sales and they are having difficulties producing enough.

Hanamochi review by popular Youtuber Hikakin

Hanamochi review by Kinoshita Yuka (big eater)

>> Hanamochi – Haagen Dazs Site

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