Popular iPhone and Android Game App : Monster Strike by Mixi - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular iPhone and Android Game App : Monster Strike by Mixi

Monster Strike is a RPG which features unique billiard style battles.  This game is very similar to another popular game app: Puzzle & Dragons.  The differences between Monster Strike and Puzzle & Dragons can be seen in the battle scenes and in the multi-player function.  In Monster Strike, when you are in a battle, you just need to pull and release your monster to your attack enemies.  Your friends can also join in to defeat your mutual enemies.  Four people can play Monster Strike at the same time.  The company, Mixi, is social network service company.  They have been struggling to keep their users and to grow since Facebook, Twitter and other social services have gained popularity in Japan.  However, since the release of this Monster Strike app, their stock has gone up.  This app has been downloaded over 6 million times!

Monster Strike TV Commercial Pajamas party edition

Monster Strike played with 4 people

>> Monster Strike Site

>> Monster Strike for iPhone

>> Monster Strike for Android

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