Popular Japanese Air Band: Golden Bomber - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Japanese Air Band: Golden Bomber

Golden Bomber is a very unique and a very abnormal visual band.  What makes Golden Bomber different from other bands is that they are an Air Band.  They do not play instruments, the members just pretend to play their instruments.  However, Sho Kiryuin, the lead vocalist sings and composes all of Golden Bombers songs. All of the instruments are played and recorded by other pro musicians.  While on stage, the drummer uses an iPod mini to play the songs.  The breakout song “Memeshikute”  is what brought the members of Golden Bomber to fame.

In addition to giving great air band performances, Golden Bomber also does radical comedy stunts on stage.   Before Sho decided to pursue a carrier as musician, he was a comedian.  Sho had his own comedic duo, however it wasn’t received well.  This was when Sho decided he would pursue a career as a musician.

In 2004, Golden Bomber was formed by Sho Kiryuin and Yutaka Kyan (guitarist).  When Sho started his band with Yutaka, he noticed that Yutaka sucked at playing the guitar. Despite Yutaka being horrible at the guitar, Sho didn’t want to change the band member.  That was when Sho decided to make Golden Bomber an Air band.  Sho and Yutaka then added the drummer and bassist.  The drummer, Kenji Darvish, always wears Kabuki-like makeup.  However, Darvish is actually the most handsome guy in the band.  Kenji revealed his face to audiences on his own blog.





Kenji Darvish handsome face photoKenji Darvish

>> Golden Bomber site

>> Golden Bomber mySpace

>> Golden Bomber Blog

>> Golden Bomber Youtube



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