Popular Japanese Anime : Attack on Titan - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Japanese Anime : Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an amazing anime that excels in all areas.  It’s artwork, design, storyboards, colouring is all first rate.

The story is also large, complex and often very unpredictable.  What makes it even more interesting is that all of the main characters in the story also don’t know what is going on… everyone, including the viewer is racing to find understanding.  However, despite having a large, complex story, at this point in time, the story is extremely complete.  Everything appears to be well thought out and every detail has been accounted for.  Even though many of the ideas are very foreign to us, everything is heavily grounded in a form of realism allowing the viewer to follow along and drawn into the story with ease.

Attack on Titan features a large number of characters, which is to be expected from such a large story.  Their crisscrossing relationships and ideals make this world all the more compelling and complex.  It also begs the question that even if they solve the major issues with the titans, will their world, like our own be any more stable and or safe?

Although the conflict in this story is truly unique, it’s also completely relatable.  How do relate to our fellow peers? How do we overcome fear?

Perhaps by watching Attack on Titan, not only are we being entertained, but we can explore the same questions from the safety of our homes.

Also, on the Attack on Titan news front, there is a rumour that is spreading about the creation of a live action Attack on Titan film.  It may be to early to say if that is going to happen but Subaru recently made a commercial featuring the giant Titans.  This live action commercial has received raving reviews from audiences.

Subaru CM with Attack on Titan Live-Action

>> Attack on Titan Series with English Subtitle

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