Popular Band : Wagakki Band - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Band : Wagakki Band

Wagakki Band consists of 8 members and Yuko Suzuka is their leader and singer. The uniqueness of the Wagakki Band comes from the mix between Western instruments (such as: guitar, bass guitar, drum set) and Japanese Traditional instruments (such as: the Shakuhachi(Japanese flute), Koto(Japanese harp), Shamisen(three stringed instrument), Wadaiko(Japanese drum).) The songs that the Wagakki Band play are mostly Vocaloid songs. They arrange the Vocaloid songs to Rock music. The high quality of their performances and videos are also essential to their popularity. They are now growing in popularity, not only in Japan, but also oversees. Here are some of their videos.

Senbon Zakura (One thousand of cherry blossom tree) – Wagakki Band

Tengaku (Vocaloid) – Wagakki Band

Kagerou Days – Wagakki Band live

Wagakki Band live and interview in Paris, Japan Expo 2014 – Ibakira TV

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