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Popular Japanese Illustrator : Yusuke Nakamura

Yusuke Nakamura was born in Takarazuka, Hyogo prefecture, 1978.  When he attended the Osaka University of Arts and Design, he studied  graphic design, copperplate engraving and silkscreen.  Yusuke also engaged in drama, movie and music production during same school years.

The character in Nakamura’s illustrations is a girl drawn with fine lines which imbues some nostalgic feeling.

When he was child, the chocolate snack called “Bikkuri Man choco” became very popular.  This chocolate snack came with a sticker which featured a cool character illustration.  He loved collecting the stickers with other children.  The illustrations on the stickers made him want to become an illustrator.

You can see his illustrations on CD covers, book covers, magazine covers, and many other things.  He also has his own band called “S▲ILS”.

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>> Yusuke Nakamura’s site

>> Yusuke Nakamura Twitter

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