Popular Japanese Street Fashion Trends - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Japanese Street Fashion Trends

When you are walking downtown Tokyo, Osaka and other big cities, you will see many unique fashion styles. A simple style using Black & White or monotone coordinates is standard. However, if you look at their clothes closely, you will see the hem of their pants is carefully rolled up or trimmed, or their shirts are layered to create their own unique styles. On the other hand, you will see more colorful coordinates, like Doki Doki‘s style, or Decolar for examples. These fashions stand out from the crowd. You can see many people are enjoying expressing their personality through their clothes! Let’s check out what fashion style is popular on the street! These sites have great photo snap galleries. Let’s get inspired by them to create your own style!


>> Scrapture – Street Fashion and Culture in Japan


>> StreetPeeper – New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne, Seoul, etc


>> Japanese Streets



>> Tokyo Fashion

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