Popular Music : Enka songs for Elderly People

Popular Music : Enka songs for Elderly People

You usually start to hear more Enka music on TV or other places in Japan once winter comes; especially the time around Shougatsu (New Year Eve). If you watch the popular annual NHK show “Kohaku Utagassen”, you can see some famous Enka singers. Enka was started as a song, by the Freedom and People’s Rights Movement of the Meiji period (1868–1912), that was sang as a substitute for a speech. Later, it became sentimental ballad music and grew in popularity. The uniquenesses of Enka music resides in its music scale which is called “Yonanuki Tan-Onkai”(Minor Scale without Four and Seven). The singing style called “Kobushi” requires the pitch of the singer’s voice to fluctuate irregularly within a one scale degree. Here are some famous Enka singers:




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