Popular Music Video Clip : 五五七ニ三ニ〇 (5572320)

Popular Music Video Clip : 五五七ニ三ニ〇 (5572320)

What is 5572320(go go nana ni san ni rei)? It is the name of an all female band which consists of eight Junior High School students. There are five guitarists and three drummers. Their music clip on Youtube has been gaining a lot of popularity recently! Why did they name they’re band 55702320? You can find a hint in the video clip. They are all eating a cracker at the end of the video clip. The cracker that they are all eating is called “Kokonatsusabure”. Interestingly, when you read the numbers 55702320 in Japanese they spell out the cracker name, Kokonatsusabure. It’s a really cleaver play on words. This band was formed for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Kokonatsusabure cracker. All of the members of the band are actually members from another music idol group “Shiritsu Ebisu Junior High School”. The music was composed by KenKen (RIZE).


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