Popular Song “Attakai n dakara~” by Comedian Duo “Kumamushi”

Popular Song “Attakai n dakara~” by Comedian Duo “Kumamushi”

The song “Attakai n dakara” was sung during Kumamushi’s comedic act.  The opening lyrics are: “I will give my special soup to you.  It is WARM.”   “Attakai n dakara” means “Because it is warm” but the song suggests that the soup is both warm in temperature and in emotion.  Some people have started to make a remix of this song.  One of the remixes by pandaboy has gathered a large following and people have started to dance to the song.  Even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tweeted about this song. This catchy song won’t get out of your head!

Attakai n dakara by Kumamushi

Attakai n dakara REMIX by pandaboy



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