Popular Song : Oriental Radio - Perfect Human - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Song : Oriental Radio – Perfect Human

Oriental Radio, also known as OriRaji is one of Japan’s famous comedic duos. OriRaji was created when Mr. Nakata and Fujimori joined their comedic forces in 2003. When they debuted they became very popular with their comedic act “Heroic Episode”. Their talent agency was able to get them onto 10 regular television programs only three years after their groups formation. However, they lost all of their regular program jobs because of their “Puffed up behaviour”. After being jobless for several years, each of them created their own funny character. Nakata created a “intelligent Geek” character and Fujimoto created a “Chara-Man” (Playboy). Oriental Radio rose in fame once again. Recently the duo wrote and preformed an original song “Perfect Human”. Japanese audiences loved it and their youtube video has already been played over 21 million times! (3/20/2016).

Perfect Human – Oriental Radio

新‧武勇伝 “Buyuuden” (Heroic Episode) – OriRaji

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    He’s Mr. Nakata not Tanaka

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