Popular Summer Food : Japanese Somen Noodle - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Popular Summer Food : Japanese Somen Noodle

Somen(そうめん) is a very popular food during the dreadfully hot summer in Japan. Somen is especially good when you lose your appetite because of heat; Somen might be your best go-to food during those hot days. Somen are very thin noodles made from wheat floor. The noodles are usually served cold and some dishes may even be served with ice cubes. You dip your Somen into a Tsuyu (Bonito stock) with grated ginger, chopped green onions, sesame seeds, and myoga. Some places even offer Nagashi Somen. Nagashi Somen is a fun way to serve the Somen noodles. The noodles stream down a bamboo slider and you catch these Somen noodles with your chopsticks before you eat them up! It’s fun to eat Somen this way and you can enjoy a cool sensation the water stream.

Nagashi Somen : Kyoto Kibune 京都貴船

DIY Nagashi Somen

How to make Somen

Here is a funny comedy video from 80’s. Ken Shimura and Cha Kato from the comedian group, Drifters.

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