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Popular Youtuber : Mr. Inose and His Dog, Mari

Mr. Inose makes funny videos with his adorable dog, Mari, for his YouTube audience.  Each video has its own specific situation where Mr. Inose says something and then Mari, his dog, reacts to him.  Mari is very cleaver and a great actress!  Here are some of their videos.

Mari kun chuu :  Mr. I nose says “Oh, Mari, you are so adorable….kiss me (Chuu~).”

Mari makes sure Mr. Inose will not to fail his entrance exams.


 Mr. Inose is at Mari’s snack bar.  Mr. Inose is desperate for a drink because he couldn’t post a video.  Mari stops him from drinking and Mr. Inose says “drinking in desperation is not good, shame on me.”  Then, he continues “Everybody has been looking forward to it… I ruined their private time!”  He tries to drink, again…but Mari stops him, then he says “When I find out the exact time to put a video on air, I will inform to them.  I should drink happily.  Hmm, but I don’t have money… I have just 50 yen… who cares? let’s have a drink!”  Mari stops him.

>> Inose and Mari’s Youtube channel

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