Seven Cafe Exceeds 450 million sales in cups of coffee! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Seven Cafe Exceeds 450 million sales in cups of coffee!

Coffee business is very competitive in Japan.  You can see many coffee shops such as Starbucks, Doutor Coffee, Tully’s Coffee, Komeda Coffee and other cafes on almost every major street.  In addition to the cafes, in Japan you are always surrounded by numerous vending machines with several kinds of canned coffee.    Another popular place to purchase a cup of coffee is the convenience store.  The convenience store industry is also a very tight market in Japan.  One of the convenience store chains, Seven Eleven, started to sell a dripped coffee in January, 2013.  In one year the sales of “Seven Cafe” has exceeded 450 million cups!  The repeat purchase rate is 55%!  The price of regular size coffee is only 100 yen (which is roughly 1 dollar) even though it is a freshly ground full-scale drip coffee!  Perhaps, the very reasonable price and the enjoyment of a freshly ground drip coffee are the reasons the number of customers continues to grow.

セブンイレブン 「セブンカフェ」- Seven Cafe

seven eleven cafe coffee>> Seven Eleven Japan

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