Shogi Denou Sen 2015: Human VS Computer

Shogi Denou Sen 2015: Human VS Computer

Shogi Denou Sen is a Shogi (Japanese Chess) competition between professional Shogi players and computer Shogi software. This competition, human vs. machine, started in 2012. Each professional Shogi player competes against a different Shogi software. Humans have only won two games during previous competitions. Each game is limited to 5 hours and is held in different locations. The Robot Arm, “Den-oute-san” was created by DENSO WAVE and is used to place the “Koma” (shogi piece). Two games were already finished this year. The professional players won these two games against the Shogi software. It is believed that the software “Selene” lost their game due to a bug. There are three games left, March 28, April 4th and 11th. You can watch these live shows on the nico nico douga site.
Mr Nagase VS Selene

Den-oute-san by DENSO WAVE

>> nico nico douga – denousen site

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