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Single Frame Comic : Salary Man Shigeru Yamazaki

Hikaru Tanaka, a solo comedian, created the single frame comic series “Salary Man Shigeru Yamazaki”.

Hikaru studied printmaking and basic anatomy drawing at Kyoto Seika University until he left the school midcourse. Tanaka left school to make comedy unit with his childhood friend from Osaka.  After 10 years, he moved to Tokyo to form a new trio group  “Avocado Landori”. Now, Hikaru has moved on to became a solo comedian.  His surreal comic is growing in popularity on Twitter, a variety of other SNS and websites.

In his comic, you see unusual dialog and moments between a salary man “Yamazaki” and his chief director.

Here are some of his comic scenes:

Chief Director “Mr Yamazaki, I really appreciate that you are giving me a shoulder massage, however, I prefer you do it behind me.”


Mr Yamazaki “Margarine is water proof.”


Mr Yamazaki, “Didn’t you do just pee yesterday, Director?  You must really like it.”

Chief Director, “Its supposed to be like that, Mr. Yamazaki.  Do you only pee once every few days?”


Mr Yamazaki, “Chief, you just dozed off, didn’t you?”

Chief Director, “Thank you for waking me up.  However, Mr. Yamazaki, it might be not have been a good idea to wake me up by poking me with the door of DVD drive.”


Mr. Yamazaki, “Hey, guys!  Look! Look! An achilles tendon in its 50s! An achilles tendon in its 50s!”


Chief Director, “Mr. Yamazaki, I did tell you that I don’t have appetite, so you can take anything you want from my bento…. But I didn’t expect that you would take the bento box container.”


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