Sumo has regained popularity! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Sumo has regained popularity!

Sumo is a sport where two Rikishi (wrestlers) try to force their opponent wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyō) or to touch the ground with a part of their body other than the soles of the feet. It is said that Sumo was started in ancient times. (wiki) Sumo has traditionally been a popular sport in Japan. However since the issue of fixed match was found out in Feb, 2011, Sumo popularity declined dramatically. Although, Sumo has recently been regaining popularity! The tickets have started to sell out. One of the reasons Sumo has been gaining popularity is because there are strong Rikishi, such as Hakuhou, Kakuryu, and Endo.
Hakuhou vs Harumafuji
Kakuryu vs Hakuhou
Endo vs Oosunaarashi

Sumo -Aki Basho 2014 Day 7 , September 20th

Endo – Sumo Keiko (Practice)

>> Japan Sumo Association site

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