Super Popular Game and Anime, "Youkai Watch!" - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Super Popular Game and Anime, “Youkai Watch!”

“Youkai Watch” (Ghost/ Spirit Watch), is a game created by the game developer company, Level-5.   Youkai Watch was released for Nintendo 3DS on July 11th, 2013.  The game’s story is about a boy who obtains a mysterious watch; becomes friends with different ghosts in order to solve various problems.  Youkai Watch also has a Manga that is published in two popular monthly manga magazines “Gekkan Koro Koro Comic” and “Chao”.  Youkai Watch has also started to air its very own Anime, which launched on January 8th, 2014!

When you play, Youkai Watch, you can level up your ghosts through battles and combine different ghosts to create new rare ghosts!  You can even acquire new Youkai by collecting Youkai Coins through Gacha Machine or 3DS game coins. “Youkai Watch” products, such as: Youkai Watches, Youkai Medals, and Youkai Cards, sold out very quickly at shops across Japan.  The price of these items has skyrocketed on Amazon and other auction sites.  There was also a Youkai Watch shop that was opened for only two days! The shop very unexpected ran out of stock.

Youkai Watch PV
Youkai Watch Tomodachi Uki Uki Pedia

Youkai Watch and Youkai Medals

Youkai Watch Medal Gacha Machine

Youkai Watch Medal Gacha

People are waiting to buy Youkai Watch items. 

Many Youkai Watch items are sold out.

>> Youkai Watch Site

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