TeamLab: Japanese Digital Creative Company - What is popular in Japan right now!?

TeamLab: Japanese Digital Creative Company

TeamLab was started by Toshiyuki Inoko, his best friend and three of his classmates from Tokyo university in 2000.  Now, Toshiyuki’s company has grown to more than 300 employees.

TeamLab is always brainstorming new innovative ideas in order to create something exciting using digital technologies.  TeamLab often creates web designs, movie clips, animations, interactive digital art, mobile apps, and numerous other creative digital projects.  With unique ideas and expert teams, TeamLab is in great demand.

Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere : Teamlab

Sword Dance and Shadowgraph – Taichi Saotome X TEAMLAB

What a Loving, and Beautiful World : Teamlab

Flower and Corpse : Teamlab

>> Teamlab site


>> Teamlab Youtube Channel

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