The Instant Ramen Noodle "Geki Nibo" by Maruchan - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The Instant Ramen Noodle “Geki Nibo” by Maruchan

A few weeks ago, the instant ramen “Geki Nibo” started to be sold at convenient stores and grocery stores in Japan.  “Geki” means intense, and strong.  “Nibo” comes from the word “Niboshi”.  “Niboshi” means small dried sardines.   “Geki Nibo” soup is made of “Niboshi”.  Niboshi Ramen is popular in the Aomori Prefecture (very Northern part of Honshu, the Main Island).  The company “Maruchan” worked in cooperation with “Niboshi Ramen Society” to make this “Geki Nibo” ramen.  This Ramen is getting very popular on the internet and sold out at many stores!

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>> GekiNibo – Maruchan

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