The Japanese Really Do Love Robots! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The Japanese Really Do Love Robots!

For three days, March 20 – 23, a 3D Projection event, called Tokyo Gundam Project 2014, will be held at DiverCity, Tokyo! Also, an 8 meter tall Mobile Police PATLABORIngram 98, showed up in Toyosu, a few days ago! These amazing ‘life size’ robots are just for entertainment but Japan also has it’s share of working robots. Many of these robots work behind the scenes in industry assembly lines but some robots are coming closer to walking out of the shadows and into the everyday world.

Some of the first robots to enter the human foray will be like KURATAS. KURATAS is under development by Suidobashi Juko company and it actually is like a life size Gundam or Transformer because people can board it! There are also more domestic robots produced by some more familiar companies, such as Honda. Honda has been working for more than 20 years to create ASIMO. ASIMO has amazing potential to help humans in a variety of fields including dangerous clean up and rescue operations. There are robots that are designed for fun! An individual engineer created an awesome RC transformer robot. Seeing it happen in a movie is one thing, but seeing a real car change into a real walking robot is something else entirely!

It seems like the Japanese people really do like Robots and their enthusiasm for robots may be catching on. The day when real robots run downtown or fly in the sky may come soon!

Tokyo Gundam Project 2014 at DiverCity Tokyo


Tetsujin 28

KURATAS by Suidobashi Juko


Pepper by Softbank

ASIMO by Honda

BRAVEROBOTICS 1/12 scale Transform Robot Version7.2

A robot riding a bicycle

Robot suit HAL

パワードジャケ­­ットMK3-PoweredJacket MK3

Smart Doll, Mirai chan by Danny Choo

Ramen Robots

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