The Most Popular Hamburgers in Japan! - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The Most Popular Hamburgers in Japan!

In the highly competitive food industry, how are hamburgers doing when competing against Gyudon (Beef bowl), Sushi, Ramen and other franchise restaurants? Many hamburger franchises from the United States are in Japan and Japan has it’s on hamburger franchises as well. Each franchise seems to do their best with their original hamburger as their choice weapon. Let’s take a look at the results of the “Popular Burger Franchise Ranking“, which is based upon the opinions of 470 people.  (source)

popular-japanese-hamburger-store-mosMos Burger has an unique Rice Burgers menu.
1. Mos Burger 45.1%

2. Mcdonalds 37.0%

3. Freshness Burger 3.8%

4. Lotteria 3.6%

5. Burger King 2.5%

6. First Kitchen 1.9%

7. DomDomBurger 0.8%

8. Wendy’s 0.4%

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