The Movie "The Eternal Zero ( Eien no Zero)" - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The Movie “The Eternal Zero ( Eien no Zero)”

“The Eternal Zero” has surpassed 6 million viewers in Japan since last December.  Eien no Zero is a film based on the novel by Naoki Hyakuta.  The story is about a young man, Kentaro and his sister, Keiko.  Kentaro and Keiko start to find out about their grandfather, who was a Zero Fighter Pilot during World War ll.   Not only is this movies story great, but the VFX(Visual Effects) are really well done as well. Critics argue that this movie “Beautifies suicide attacks” and or “Praises War”.  However, the author, Hyakuta is against war.

Eien no Zero/The Eternal Zero Trailer

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