The Short Anime Film "Moses of the Artificial Leg" by Gagame - What is popular in Japan right now!?

The Short Anime Film “Moses of the Artificial Leg” by Gagame

This short film “Moses of the Artificial Leg” was made by Gagame.  It was screened on second day of film festival, FRENZ 2013.

Gagame got the idea for this anime when he was watching the musical film “Singing in the Rain,” which featured the Moses theme song.  A ghost doing a tap dance is very cute and enjoyable to watch.  This short film is growing in popularity in Japan and also oversees!  Great work Gagame!

“Moses of the Artificial Leg” by Gagame

Here are other anime film by Gagame

“When you grow up” by Gagame

“Track” vocaloid MEGURINE LUKA

>> Gagame Youtube Channel

>> Gagame Pixiv

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