A Tremendous Number of People lined up for A Handshake Event for Johnny's West - What is popular in Japan right now!?

A Tremendous Number of People lined up for A Handshake Event for Johnny’s West

Johnny’s West is an idol group which has 7 male members.  All of Johnny’s West members are from the Kansai Area (Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture).  Johnny’s West just released a new single, “Eejyanaika” and held a handshake event at Intex Osaka on April 27th.  Even though the event started at 7 am, numerous people had already gathered there to meet  the Johnny’s West members. There was roughly about one thousands people who waited over night.  However, waiting outside of the venue at night, was not allowed by Johnny’s company.  Those people who waited outside were penalized and moved to the back of the line the following day. Here are photos of people waiting to see Johnny’s West outside of the venue.



Johnny’s West – Eejyanaika – New CD single song

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