Unagi no Kabayaki : Grilled Eel with sweet soy sauce - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Unagi no Kabayaki : Grilled Eel with sweet soy sauce

Japanese eat an eel (Unagi) on the Ox day during the doyo of summer(July 20th ~ Aug 6th, Ox day is July 29th, 2014) in order to gain stamina which enables a person to overcome the heat. This popular custom started from the Edo period.  Kabayaki is a way to prepare the eel.  It is first dipped in a sweet soy sauce and then broiled on a charcoal fired grill.  When you walk by the store making Unagi no Kabayaki, you can smell a very appetizing fragrance!  Remember to put some Sansho (Japanese Pepper made of Zanthoxylum Fruit) on the Unagi no Kabayaki before you eat it.  It is so Yummy and nutritious!  If you are getting Summer heat fatigue, try eating Unagi no Kabayaki!



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