What are Aomoji kei, Akamoji kei, and Kuromoji kei?

What are Aomoji kei, Akamoji kei, and Kuromoji kei?

Have you heard “Aomoji kei”, “Akamoji kei” and “Kuromoji kei”? These are definitions of fashion styles. “Ao”, “Aka”, and “Kuro” describe color such as blue, red and black. “Moji” means “Letter”. “Kei” means style. Where did these definitions come from? In Japan, you can find numerous fashion magazines. For instance, the fashion magazines, “Ray”, “CanCam”, “JJ” and “ViVi” are aimed at audiences from college aged students to people in their early 20’s. These magazines have a red or pink logo and so the fashion style from these magazines is called “Akamoji kei”. Aomoji kei’s magazines are “Zipper”, “Choki Choki Girl” and “CUTiE”, which showcase Harajuku fashion style. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is popular model of “Aomoji kei”. Kuromoji kei’s magazines are “Gina”, “JELLY”, “Happie Nuts”, “S Cawaii!”, and “BLENDA”(Publication has been suspended for BLENDA) which are also called “Onee Gyaru” “Otona Gyaru” style, and these magazines have a more mature look. What is your favourite style?

Aomoji kei models having Picnic by HARAJUKU KAWAii!!+


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