What is a Chirimen Monster? - What is popular in Japan right now!?

What is a Chirimen Monster?

Do you know what Chirimenjyako is? Chirimenjyako are small dried sardines. People in Japan eat Chirimenjyako as a high multi-nutritional food. People mix the dried sardines in with various foods, such as: fried rice, ground white radish, boiled spinach and so on. When you are eating Chirimenjyako, you can notice some other sea creatures mixed in with dried young sardines. These other sea creatures are indeed “Chirimen Monsters” aka “Chirimon”! When looking for Chirimon you can find baby crabs, shrimp, octopus, squid, and other small sea monsters. These little monsters are usually found and removed before the Chirimenjyako is packaged as a product. However, Chirimen Monsters can be so small that some of them manage to escape detection. Finding Chirimen Monsters is popular among young kids and adults. Some websites were created to showcase Chirimon. There are even books about finding Chirimon! You can also find photos tweeted on Twitter.

These are Chilimenjyako.

>> Chirimon Twitter Photo Gallery

chirimon-sea-foods-monsters-creatures>> Chirimon.net

chirimon-monster-japan-photo-picture-gallery>> Mite Mite Chirimonster

chiri-mon-chirimenjyako-monster-gallery>> Chirimon.jp

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