What is Chara-ben(Kyara-ben)? - What is popular in Japan right now!?

What is Chara-ben(Kyara-ben)?

Have you heard of “charaben or kyaraben” before? It is abbreviation meaning ‘character bento box’. In an effort to make meal times more fun for children, Japanese moms are dedicating their time to make cute characters to eat. Some of the characters they use as inspiration are: animals, anime, manga, game and or movie characters. Chara-ben is becoming so popular in Japan even major animation and manga companies are making some “charaben contests” for moms to compete their original charaben!

How to Make My Melody Bento Lunch Box (Kyaraben Recipe)

>> Sanrio Kyaraben Contest

>> Pekori

>> Rakuten Recipe

>> Charaben Mania

>> CookPad

>> Yahoo Itameshi Itaben

>> NAVER Matome Charaben

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