What is “Senbero”? - What is popular in Japan right now!?

What is “Senbero”?

Have you heard of “Senbero” before? Senbero is a word that combines the words ‘Sen-yen’ (1000 yen = $10 US) and ‘Berobero’ (Berobero means you get really drunk. However, there is only one “bero”, in Senbero, so it’s like getting a little drunk). You can get a little drunk or fall on your face drunk (depends on the person) by paying just 1000 yen. Some places like a Yakitori restaurant or an Izakaya offer drinks such as Nama (beer on tap) or ChuHai (Shochu mixed with carbonated flavour drinks) for just 300~400yen. The tsumami dishes (small dishes for snacking on) are also priced quite reasonably. So, you can choose two glasses of beer or chuhai and few tsumami to get “Horoyoi” (a little drunk). Some of these cheap drinking places are allow you to only stand and drink. Each city or town has this type of local Izakaya. The next time you are in Japan, why don’t you try Senbero!?

>> Video by 中山馬鹿スロ好き荒波人生


>> Video by 高尾てんぐ


>> Video by KENICHI ケニチ

>> Senbero Site

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