What is Calpis? - What is popular in Japan right now!?

What is Calpis?

Have you heard of or tried Calpis?   Calpis is a concentrated white liquid made of lactic acid bacterium, yeast and milk.  You just need to mix this Calpis liquid with water to make a smooth, sour, refreshing drink!  The company, Calpis Co (Their parent company is Asahi Group Holdings,Ltd), has been making this popular drink since 1919!  How was this Calpis invented?  According to the Calpis site, the story goes back to 1908 when Mishima Kaiun, who later became the founder of this Calpis Co, visited Mongolia.  He was exhausted from his long journey.  He tried the white sour liquid which local nomadic herders drank regularly.  He noticed that his physical strength was restored moments afterwards.  Kaiun made the drink “Calpis” after this experience.  Calpis is very popular drink in Japan, especially during Summer season.  Drinking it with cold ice cubes on a hot day makes you feel refreshed!  Many Japanese people grew up with Calpis.  You can also find Calpis with Grape, Mango, and Melon flavours, Calpis soft candy, Popsicle and even a sour carbonated Calpis with alcohol!

Calpis TV Commercial
Calpis TV Commercial with Rena Nounen (Amachan)
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