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Which is Japan’s largest Convenience Store Franchise?

As you are walking in Japan, you encounter so many convenience stores. Even compared to many places worldwide, Japan seems to have the largest number of convenience stores per capita. Which begs the question, which is Japan’s largest Convenience store franchise? Here is a ranking of all the convenience stores in Japan! (March 2014)

SEVEN ELEVEN – 16319 stores
LAWSON – 11606
FamilyMart – 10547familymart-convenience-store-franchise-japan
CircleK – 6359circleksukus-convenience-store-franchise-japan
MINI STOP – 2118mini-stop-convenience-store-franchise-japan
Daily Yamazaki – 1538daily-yamazaki-convenience-store-franchise-japan
Seicomart – 1162 (Hokkaido Area)seicomart-convenience-store-franchise-japan
Coco Store – 768coco-convenience-store-franchise-japan
Poplar – 655poplar-convenience-store-franchise-japan
ThreeF – 679 (Kanto/ Shikoku Area)three-f-convenience-store-franchise-japan
SAVE ON – 600 (Tohoku/Kanto Area)saveon-convenience-store-franchise-japan

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