Why Did This TV Drama, Hanzawa Naoki, Become So Popular In Japan? - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Why Did This TV Drama, Hanzawa Naoki, Become So Popular In Japan?

Hanzawa Naoki, popular drama in Japan 2013

This drama, Hanzawa(last name) Naoki(first name), had the highest audience rating for a TV Drama in 2013. Hanzawa Naoki is a main character’s name in this drama.  Hanzawa works at a Tokyo Chuo Bank and through this series the reason why he works there is revealed.

Why did this drama, Hanzawa Naoki, become so popular in Japan?  One of the reasons for the drama’s success is the actor Masato Sakai, whose strong performance adds a certain amount of appeal.  Naoki never hesitates when anyone does an evil deed, even if it is his boss or his president.  His frequent comments “I will pay you back double!” or “I’ll pay you back 10 times!” are very popular with the audience.

The second reason this drama is popular in Japan is because the series shows the inner workings of banks, which is not generally known.  Monstrous fights, between the bank staff, over money, promotions and status is another highlight in this drama.

>> Hanzawa Naoki with English Subtitles

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