Yasunari Ikenaga : Bijin-ga (Painting of Beauties) - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Yasunari Ikenaga : Bijin-ga (Painting of Beauties)

Born in 1965, the self taught artist, Yasunari Ikenaga, is considered a late comer to the artistic scene. He started his painting career at age 40 in part due to his ten years of traditional colour studies. Ikenaga researched the traditional pigments of the Japanese Nihonga painting style for a decade before he began his paintings. HIs research has allowed him to use the soot ink and mineral pigment paint with great skill. Yasunari chose to use a Menso brush to apply the pigments and linen cloth as the background for his images. He also deliberately chose to paint modern women in there contemporary floral prints. His audience can enjoy the exquisitely balanced play between the past and present in his Bijin-ga series.

Art Fair Tokyo 2011


>> Yasunari Ikenaga’s Site

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