Youtube Videos : Rockstar GACKT plays Popular Vintage Games - What is popular in Japan right now!?

Youtube Videos : Rockstar GACKT plays Popular Vintage Games

GACKT is a famous Japanese Ikemen (Good Looking Man), singer and actor.  He appears in many films, TV shows and TV commercials.  Most of the commercials he appears in are very comical which contrasts with his cool image.  He appears to have a good sense of humor.  Needless to say, he has many fans.  GACKT just started to work with the coffee company, Nestle.  GACKT’s new contract requires him to upload a new video of him playing a popular vintage game on Youtube every day.  In the first video, GACKT looks like he has no motivation to do this Youtube series, however, he really enjoys playing the game after only a few minutes.  This Youtube series will last one year!  Can GACKT make it through the one year challenge??

Day 1 : GACKT plays Rockman 2

Day 2 : GACKT plays Super Dodge Ball

Day 3 : GACKT plays River City Ransom

>> Nestle Youtube Channel

Here is funny GACKT TV commercials

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